Hey there, I'm Fangru. I’m interested in discovering how and why people do things and then I apply those discoveries to create engaging, human products. I believe solutions for people are built through empathy and understanding of their needs and contexts. When it fits the situation, I also enjoy the ability to implement my designs through code.

Back in 2005 when expressing yourself on Sina Blog (a Chinese blogging platform) was all the rage, I spent hours customizing their blog templates by tweaking the CSS. Even though I had no idea what CSS was back then, I found myself immersed in the creativity of it all and became more curious about design and coding. A few years of experience with a million cups of coffee later, I'm still that curious and resourceful nerd who tries to find ways to build joyful experiences out of the seemingly ordinary.

Speaking to my experience, I've worked on super agile product teams at 3 high-growth startups, which taught me how to make things happen with limited resources. I started out doing digital marketing in a social networking startup - Momo, which went public in Dec 2014. I then switch my career to design. Over the course of my 6 years as a designer, I've designed a wide range of different experiences, for a diverse set of users. I started at an events nonprofit, then fintech and insurance space. I then moved to Vancouver and was designing for the business aviation management platform at Stellar Labs. I am currently part of the UX team at Amazon Canada. This has allowed me to build an equally diverse skill-set that I apply to my product design process. View my resume

Outside my job I have been mentoring other people for the past 2 years, mostly junior designers and people who were hoping to switch their careers to design. I enjoy helping people and seeing them achieve their goals. Offline, you can find me "exercising" with just dance, exploring the wild forests or the world of 3D design. My Instagram